Svengali and a trip to Little Common

On Friday evening we went down to Torquay to see Derren Brown, I’d have to kill you if I told you the content of the show, but what I can say is that it was brilliant! From start to finish at 11pm, he didn’t stop ‘working’ the audience and they loved it. Well worth the money and I would recommend it to anybody, thankyou Gwilym for persuading us to get tickets. We parked fairly close by at Fleet car park so it was only a few minutes walk along the sea front to the theatre. It was a nice evening and all the Chavs were out on their Hen and and Stag nights. Hyw couldn’t believe it and was quite entranced by them all.

Saturday morning saw us heading over to mum’s at Little Common. We had a lovely evening out at the Red Lion at Hooe, then back for episodes 3/4 of The Bridge, the Scandinavian crime drama. Sunday, it was raining hard, but we decided to go to the Jerwood Gallery, which has recently opened up on the Stade at Rock and Ore. Their permanent collection was brilliant and it is a real addition to the Old Town. Whilst we were in their it started to clear and by the tIme we had come out it was brilliant sunshine. We went for a walk up All Saints Street and saw the cottage that Graham used to own. I haven’t bought my thingy for transferring my photos, so I will have to share those when I return home. I bought some crabs on the way back to the car and we also did a quick tour of the Fishermen’s Museum, for old times sake. Hunger was calling so we set off home for lunch and fresh crab.


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