We set to with a vengeance, decorating the bedroom. We had allowed ourselves until Sunday to get all of the furniture back, but in fact we completed in record time and only got to sleep out the back for 1 night. I got rid of loads of clothes which means that the wardrobe is consequently much lighter, which means that I’ll need to buy a few bits for my upcoming trip to Italy. We bought some kiwi coloured blinds, that fit nicely in the window recess, after much anxious trimming, and pick out the green leaves in the curtain nicely.

I have been doing some painting, now that I have the art room there’s no excuse, but as yet I haven’t discovered a style I’m comfortable with. Not that I expect to stumble upon a style but at the moment I’m just too self conscious. It will come, the point is to ‘get my hand in’.

Here are some photo’s of our trip to Bexhill and Hastings and a few others for good measure!










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