Part two

Today, after a good breakfast, but poor coffee, we set off in the sunshine to Assisi and lake Trasimeno, the scene of a great military ambush on the part of Hannibal. Assisi was great and we had a very knowledgeable guide who walked us through the town and to the two churches, giving lots of sound art historical information en route. After the great tour we had some free time so we went for lunch and a drink with Mary and Mo, who are in the next room to us.

On to lake Trasimeno for a 45min. Photo opportunity and time for more beer and ice cream. It was really hot by now so it was lovely to just sit and soak up the Umbrian countryside. When we got back to the hotel we went out for a coffee and also bought some wine for consumption in our room.

Supper was an improvement and we had a chance to speak to Claudia about some things like the stewed, cold coffee, cold plates and extra pillows. The wonderful girl sorted them all so we are now forever in her debt.







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