Although I had visited the town before, it wasn’t at all how I had remembered it, being much tidier and neater since the last time. You could almost be forgiven for thinking you were in Switzerland because the whole of Tuscany/Umbria has smartened up their act considerably however, it is clear that the recession is having an effect on the towns.

We visited the Duomo and the San Francesco church where there are some lovely Piero della Francesca frescoes. After that we soaked up the sun and the atmosphere of the town, stopping for lunch at the Palazzo della Fraternita. We ate out of doors, watching the world go by. After a little more wandering, we returned the coach quite exhausted. I didn’t get to Vasari’s house as it was across town. While I think of it, it was Signorelli whose frescoes we admired yesterday.

It has been a brilliantly hot sunny day today but it is now 4 pm and a light shower has started.






3 thoughts on “Arezzo

  1. Ahhh – your blogs this week are making me very jealous! I’ve been to Umbria several times and it’s probably my favourite place to holiday. I’m so glad your enjoying it as much as we do 🙂 Lois x

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