Where the wine comes from!

Today was yet again bright and sunny. We had an excellent breakfast, fresh rolls and hot coffee. Our first port of call was the small hill top medieval town of Todi in Umbria. It seems to be situated in a loop of the river Tiber, which is fairly wide and slow moving. The river had been dammed to form a lake for the nearby towns to use as drinking water. Todi was fairly small but perfectly formed, making it easy to get around. We had to travel up to the town via a funnicular train which we also had to do in Orvietto, except there it was much longer. We finished off with a walk through the public gardens, down the hillside, to see our third church, the name escapes me at the moment. Mum did very well as it was quite a climb.

Orvietto next. It was a little bit cloudy but still a pleasant 23 degrees. The cathedral dominates the town square and is truly magnificent. Inside were a number of frescoes which Michael Angelo took his inspiration from when painting the Sistine chapel. We also saw a holy relic of the face of Christ which is the centre piece of a major feast day in the Catholic church. We had a very nice lunch in a street cafe, I had salad and mum had lasagne and we also had 2 glasses of Orvietto Classico, it was delicious.












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