Drunk and disorderly

This morning was, as they say in holiday brochure parlance, at leisure to explore the town. We set off at 9.30 with Mary and Mo, for the old town. It was quite a hike and took us nearly an hour as mum and Mary don’t walk very fast and were chinwagging all the way. It was very pleasant and we sat out and had a coffee before exploring a section of the old town. We had to set off back before too long as we were due for a 12.30 departure for Pienza and Montepulciano. The weather was overcast but very warm.

Pienza was very small being the town that Pius 2 built as a copy of Rome. Other Cardinals were invited to build palaces too and when Alexander V1 (Borgia) became pope, he enlarged the palace he had built. We had lunch there with Mary and Mo and the set off for Montepulciano which is 700 metres above see level. It was raining by now but that didn’t stop us doing a wine tasting and having a talk about the local San Givonese wine. After a quick scoot around town we headed back to the hotel and went out for a last coffee at our local cafe. Supper was awful but they plied us with drink so not all bad. There has been an earthquake in Modena, quite bad, so I have had quite a few emails to check we are ok. Up early tomorrow as it is Florence and Pisa.






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