Florence, Pisa and the last day

It rained! Actually it wasn’t so bad but mum had to part with some cash for an umbrella and it did make the walking tour quite challenging, trying to keep up with the guide at the same time as watching where you were walking. First off we went to a leather factory and then we had our tour. It suited me as his talk was quite art historical but many people found it too ‘highbrow’. We had lunch with Mary and Mo in the square of Santa Croce. I had a delicious pizza and mum had a spaghetti. By then the sun had come out so we did at least see Florence in the sunshine. From Florence we went to Pisa to see the leaning tower. We were quite tired and really it was a bit daft as we passed our resort on the way, still it was worth seeing, all white like a wedding cake and I had an enormous ice cream to boot!

Back in the coach for our last night in the hotel, it was really swanky and we all had vast walk in wardrobes. The only trouble was we didn’t have the clothes to put in them. We went out for a light supper, not too far as it was raining again. The next morning we were not due for our airport transfer until 1pm so we had time to take the funicular to the old town, do some shopping and sample the local cakes. The weather was bright and sunny so we really saw Montecatini at its best.

The airport transfer went smoothly but our plane was again delayed by an hour. We saw some of the people who should have been on their plane at 10 am, so we weren’t the only ones. The trouble was that the departure lounge was absolutely choc a block with passengers. Eventually we got off and had a quick flight to Gatwick and smooth transfer to the rail network. We got home to Cooden about 8.30pm, still warm and sunny. Fish and chips from the Viking fish bar – lovely.







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