Back to the land

I am hastily trying to get the garden to rights before we are off for yet another jaunt, this time to France, but more about that when we actually get there!

It has been baking hot all of this week, and like initforthehoney, I wilt very easily, so in consequence, I have to garden early in the morning. I have planted quite a few vegetables, having said I wouldn’t, and I’ve planted up all my tubs, which I wasn’t going to because of watering, but I just couldn’t stop myself. So, what have I planted? On the vege front I’ve got lettuce, celery, celeriac, beetroot, squash,courgette, butternut squash, potatoes and onions and I am trying tomatoes (for the last time). In the tubs I’ve gone for a deep red theme, which will go nicely with the freshly painted house and windows.

I’m quite pleased with the main garden, the blossoms have been tremendous this year and the beds I dug out last year are really coming on. I wont need to buy much this year at all except some buddleia, I haven’t got the patience to wait for my cuttings to grow! Talking of which, I have had great success with the rose cuttings I did last year, some are even coming into bloom. They won’t be ready to plant in a bed until next year but they are doing very well in the nursery bed I made for them. I also have some gooseberry cuttings that have taken so I’m feeling jolly proud of myself.

Here are a few pictures of the garden, plus some of Italy to remind me!











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