Last meal and home

The sun was well and truly shining by the time we got back to St Omer so we had another stroll around the boulevards before deciding where we should eat for our last meal. I decided on L’entrecote as it has a reputation for sourcing its own food locally and smoking its own salmon. The meals were reasonably priced and it was well patronised by locals. The food was good but I felt a little lacking in imagination. Hyw thought it was lovely though, so perhaps I’m being picky. My smoked salmon starter was very good and very generous. The wine, likewise was extremely glugable!

This morning we had a leisurely breakfast before setting off foe the port. The sun was shining, having been pelting with rain all night long, or so I’m told, as I was sleeping. Yet again we ran into a traffic jam as we approached Calais. All the lorries were stacked up for several miles along the side of the motorway but luckily it didn’t affect us and we were allowed into the port. It must have been some sort of security thing as we had to wait quite a time at passport control and we were put on an earlier boat as lots of people were held up with the lorries. We were again on a new PO boat, this time we were on the Spirit of France, there is much more room on the parking decks, the loos are a big improvement but the choice of seating and pictures is still naff. We had a very quick and calm crossing and were able to drive to mums in brilliant sunshine. Its raining now!

More photographs, mostly in Bethune and a few in Calais and on the boat.













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