Rain, and more rain!

Since returning to Devon it has rained virtually every day and been very windy. We didn’t leave mums until the Saturday as there were gale force winds on the Friday and there were warnings from the Met. Office about several of the roads we would be travelling on. We went to the sea front instead and had a very blustery walk, me hanging on to mum to prevent her from taking off.

Back in Devon, everything is looking very green and not too battered by the wind and rain. The big problem is still the rabbits and I am having to go out each night and wrap everything up! I’ve bought some buddleia bushes as I have got tired of waiting for my cuttings to reach a decent size, I still have them and have moved them into a nursery bed, along with the rose cuttings I took last season. The roof of the house, and the shed which had to be repaired, are all standing up to the rain well, so thats a relief that we got them fixed on time. Its all to do with the jet stream, which is lying to the south of its usual position and picking up all the rain from the Atlantic. It has been like a monsoon at times and many places are suffering from flash floods.

With the weather being so wet we’ve been to see Prometheus at the cinema, very good, and Jack Dee, also very good, at the Corn Exchange (formerly St George’s hall.) Apart from that, I have been doing quite a bit a painting since my return from France. My room is lovely to work in and I am enjoying listening to lots of story tapes and CDs whilst being creative. Here are a few of my paintings.

The Old Town, various views, Hastings





Snakeshead Fritillary



Stormy sea, Bexhill ( lucky we crossed the day before)



3 thoughts on “Rain, and more rain!

  1. It sounds exciting. There are few things nicer than being inside on a rainy day. It has also rained lots here and this morning it’s blue skies. I’m tryin to convince my sleepy brain that I should get up and walk to the gym. Lovely pictures. I’ve saved them on my home to have a proper look at later.

  2. Hello! I like the paintings too. You can definitely see an increase in confidence in your handling of paint and colour palette. Very nice 😍 Especially the turquoise house and the fritillary. I like the pale colouring of the window in the background in that picture.

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