Has she gone mad!

Not much to do in the garden at present as everything is doing very well. The other day I trimmed the hedge, both sides, so that is the major job done for the summer. Apart from picking the strawberries, they have recovered somewhat after all the rain we’ve had, there are only odd jobs to do. I’m very pleased that the Canna I bought in the sales last year has come through. I wasn’t sure about putting it out in the garden, in the spring but the good weather we had in March seems to have set it on its way.

I wasn’t going to make elderflower champagne this year but the blossom is so good, and the weather was dry and sunny, that I decided to have a go. I altered the recipe slightly and added a lime to the mix and more blossoms – we shall have to wait and see now.

Gwil has given me some advice regarding my ipad so last night I transferred a lot of my photos to Dropbox. I’m really pleased as it has freed up a lot of space. I’ll get a hotmail account too as there’s something like dropbox on that as well.

England lost the football match against Italy. I wasn’t watching it, and Hyw had gone to the Butts to watch it so I did some more painting. I was so pleased with the rabbit, I did another! Am I getting a little obsessed, I don’t know, but last night when I went to put the plants to bed, there were two identical rabbits munching the grass. How am I supposed to know which is Peter Rabbit? The photo is taken with my ipad, so not very sharp, also it seems to pick out the light colours more than it is in reality.



One thought on “Has she gone mad!

  1. If you look into the top left hand corner, there seems to be an evil red eyed rabbit with thick black ears. Can you see it?

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