A short walk and other things

I pulled some onions today, to free up some space for some Rocket seed and also because they have gone rather bull necked. I think its because of the rain we’ve had and lack of sunshine. The other vegetables are doing fine, although my squashes still have unaccountably, yellow leaves.

I bottled the elderflower wine this morning, and as usual, was rather low on bottles so I had to use some plastic ones for the last 3 litres. I have been making it every year since 2007, as far as I recall, although it may be a bit longer. I made it once or twice at East End Farm too, our old house, along with Rose Hip Syrup and Hawthorne Jam and Rowan Jelly. I was into hedgerow foraging in those days and as only one or two vehicles used our lane as it ended across the railway bridge, at another farm, there was no risk of pollution.



This morning Hyw gave me a new cook book to review that he got from Amazon vine.

Nathan Outlaw’s British Seafood is not a cookbook that is simply for reading. It is a very practical book and is helpfully divided into types of fish e.g. Flat fish, oily fish, shellfish etc. the recipes are very simple to follow and don’t rely on stacks of ingredients, rather it is the way that Nathan puts ingredients together that give the book its individuality. There is a useful piece at the front of each section that diagrammatically shows the garnishes, sauces, and accompaniments under a heading, telling you how it is best cooked.

At the back of the book are really useful recipes for mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, butters, vegetable, breads and pickles. It also has a section on how to skin and fillet fish and the preparation of shellfish. There is a short introduction to each recipe and each chapter in the book but they are very readable, giving useful information and not at all ‘chefy lovey’ like so many ‘celebrity’ chefs are these days.

I can’t wait to get started on the recipes and the good thing is, you will only need the one book as all the accompanying dishes are in it.




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