Thanks to Vee’s offering on Facebook, I have felt inspired to offer up my ‘memory cupboard’, full of all the cards, when we remember to collect them, of all the places where we have eaten or stayed. Not all of them outstanding, by any means, but all memorable in one way or another. I also have quite a few bills and receipts, some of them because I just found them in my bag at the end of a holiday, others where we didn’t pick up the card, I haven’t put them on display though!

Its much like Gwilym’s memory palaces, you only have to finger the card and memories come flooding back. See if you remember any of these, they go back quite a few years.


Close ups, in case you really want to see!



On the gardening front, I pulled up about half a dozen garlic plants today. They are a very reasonable size and are drying in the sun this very moment. Photos to follow. The tomato plants I put in the other day have germinated so I’m looking forward to planting them in hanging baskets. I’m counting on an Indian Summer, we will certainly need one if my vegetables are to stand any chance of being harvested.

Today turned out rather nice and sunny, after a very humid and dull start. There have been big storms in some parts of the country but a light breeze has seen off any chance of thunder down here.

Yesterday was dull all day so I went to get my hair cut and bought this rather good cookbook in the Smith’s sale. I have been having cooking lessons every week and this seemed just the ticket to complement the instruction I’ve had. Now I’ve got two cook books to dip into!



3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Just in case anyone thinks these photographs are of a cupboard – don’t be fooled – they show a corner of Annette’s bedroom. She simply pulled the furniture away from the walls to take the shots.

  2. Excellent post and good to see all those cards. I’m not as strict about keeping cards as I should be but I mean to from now on. as you say, so many memories come flooding back! If it doesn’t ruin your display lets have these all scanned so we can see the details better.

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