A visit and a birthday

Vee came for a short stay as she had a dental checkup with Alison. The weather was pretty bad all the time she was here, and in fact is still raining now, but she came with bundles of energy and soon we were painting, walking, going to the cinema, out for lunch at the Beer Engine, creating a timeline and generally spending money! Phew, what a whirlwind! Now she has gone to Sheffield so peace, or boredom reigns, depending on how you view these things. She made me some labels for the various things I have been making on the produce front.



They are jolly good so I will definitely investigate the website and others for different designs.

We watched the Wimbledon final and saw Andy Murray beaten by Roger Federer, but he did put up a spirited defence, so quite an exciting match. Much more watchable though is the Tour de France, I watch the hi-lights everyday on ITV4 and so far team Sky’s plans for supporting Bradley Wiggins are working well. Mark Cavendish was unlucky to be caught up in two accidents so lost out on potential stage wins. Chris Froom is doing a splendid job too.



V and H at the Beer Engine and my desert!

Yesterday I went for a showery walk, starting at Shoebrook, and over the fields. The ground wasn’t too wet and there was some very pleasant company. I don’t know what we would do without K. and her maps, it certainly means that I can just enjoy the walk without having to worry about where we are going.

Here are a couple of paintings I did whilst V was here




Laurence was briefly in the country, having flown in from Taiwan, stayed overnight at Matt’s, and flew out early the next day to Stavanger in Norway. We shall have lots to catch up on next week, when we meet for a family reunion in Bath.

Finally, today is Hyw’s birthday. Here is a photo of his birthday cake but I didn’t light the candles again because they were all melting!



2 thoughts on “A visit and a birthday

  1. What a great summary of what’s been going and and by the looks of it, quite a lot. I also liked your summary of the TDF and am so glad that you continue to watch it. I’ve been getting Laurie interested in it and he’s been asking to watch it recently. I think brad should clinch it this year what with another time trail coming up.

    The labels look amazing. You should look into selling them at Trelaws or something if they would be interested in that. They definitely look like 3-4£ bottles of Jam.

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