A trip to Bath and all that ensued!

It has been so long since I added a post that I hardly know where to begin. We went to Bath to meet up with Laurie, who was paying a flying visit to Blighty, from Taiwan via Norway. Little were we to know that due to Typhoons, we would be seeing a lot more of Lol! Still, I digress. We stayed in Milsoms Hotel, over the road from Vee as at our great age we can’t bear discomfort. The kids stayed at Vee’s and had met up the night before for sushi and conversation! We all went out to Avoncliff and Freshford on the train but sadly it was too wet to walk along the river so after much deliberation and a few tantrums we had drinks at Avoncliff and took the train back to Freshford for lunch.

Verity prepared a very cheesy supper for us so hopefully Laurie, who is now safely back in Penghu, will have had his fill until the next time he visits. After supper, Hyw and I took the long way back to Milsoms, to walk off our food. We then had endless flights of stairs to contend with as we were on the top floor! Still, it was worth it as I had a very good nights sleep and we weren’t disturbed by the drinkers when the clubs emptied out. We had a super breakfast of eggs Benedict the next morning and then took in the fashion museum while the others went out for their breakfast. We met up after and had coffee in a cafe before returning to Vee’s for lunch. The sun was shining so it was nice to walk through the streets of Bath. All too soon, as they say in holiday brochures, we had to say our farewells but luckily for us, Lol was coming home for a few days, or so we thought!

Here are some pictures, they mostly speak for them self but the steam train is the Orient Express apparently!















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