Another trip to Bath

Having seen laurie off we were able to do some serious Olympic watching on the television. Mum and I got really interested in the archery, rowing, gymnastics, the cycling and of course the evening where we won 3 gold medals (heptathlon, long jump and 10,000 metres.)

The weather seems to have reverted to being very showery and unsettled although thankfully, in London, it seems to have been ok. We made a trip to Bath on Thursday as mum had not seen Verity for some time. The weather was determined to get us wet but we carried on regardless and visited a Lavender Farm and the American Museum. Afterwards we returned to the city for a delicious lunch and then were drowned out by the rain as we made our way back to Vee’s. She had gone on ahead to deliver a painting to Christine who was calling in before going back to Sheffield. After a change of clothes and a cup of tea, we made a dash for it, got soaked again but had a swift journey home.

The American Museum is well worth a visit and had it been better weather, I would have taken the opportunity to visit the grounds. The quilts were very interesting and not at all how I had imagined them.









Today I took mum down to Cornwall to stay with Laurey for the week so all is quiet in the James household again. We had lunch in the Toad on Friday and lunch at The Red Lion yesterday so I think I had better go on a bit of a diet!


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