Still catching up!

Laurie came back to Devon with us and stayed through until the weekend when he was due to stay with Matt in London, prior to catching his flight on the Tuesday night. While he was down with us we made one of our trips to The Beer Engine for lunch.





It was lovely to have him to stay and I felt quite tearful when we said goodbye at the station but it wasn’t for long as the next weekend he was back with us. He managed to stay until the Tuesday morning so luckily mum saw him as well. He had a good stay in London at Matt and Mo’s place and managed to see old friends and go to quite a few museums too. It was touch and go as to wether his flight would go or not but eventually he took off for Hong Kong on Tuesday evening, a week later. That wasn’t the end of his journey as he was then stuck in Hong Kong waiting for the typhoon to finish wreaking its havoc in Taiwan, and it did mean he was unable to take the slow train to the south of the island, but I guess he was just pleased to be home at last.



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