Busy Times

The week started fine and sunny so I called on Qun to go for a walk in Eggesford forest. We hadn’t got 50 feet along the footpath than we saw two monstrous hounds, jaws slavering, no I exaggerate but we were faced with two large black dogs, bounding towards us. The owner was about a hundred yards off but made no attempt to call them back. They were jumping up all over us, Qun is as frightened as me, and my tee shirt was covered in paw marks. Eventually the owner came but he did not say a word except, ” keep your hands in”. I didn’t need telling. We were quite shaken up by the experience, the owner was as weird as his dogs. I shan’t be going there again in a hurry.

I have been doing quite a bit of painting this week. You will notice a development in my style. Looking back over what I have been doing recently I felt that they were too much like illustration and I wasn’t happy. You can see the paintings if you go to the art pages. Going for lunch now, I’m starving!


Just a taster in case you can’t be bothered to go to the art pages!


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