Hunger sated!

Well, what else have I been doing? In between painting and cooking I have managed to get into the garden and I have started the autumn clear up. I know it seems early, but with the amount of rain we have had this year, everything has grown like mad. The vegetables are making a determined effort to ripen before the frosty mornings start. I have had some large courgettes that I had missed picking and the runner beans and celery are looking good. The tomatoes are valiantly trying to plumpen up and I haven’t inspected the beetroot lately but there is plenty of top growth. When my knee is feeling more up to it I must harvest the potatoes ( I twisted it mowing the lawn! )

I mentioned cooking earlier, I have had a go at shortbread and another go at scones, using buttermilk this time. I am quite pleased with the results and Hyw certainly likes the shortbread as he ate 4 pieces last night! I have also made Loraine Pascale’s vegetarian lasagne, we are having it tonight so you will have to wait until the next post to see if it was a success!


We have eaten out twice this week, an impromptu meal at the Beer Engine which was delicious, and we decided to try Nessies, in Crediton. Nice surroundings, good service but we had quite a wait for food and my prawn starter was overcooked and the chicken took a lot of cutting although it was tasty enough. We both agreed that the deserts were lovely though, honey and lavender ice cream for Hyw and raspberry pavlova for me. On the whole though, we won’t be rushing back there again.

Montalbano starts again tonight, only 4 episodes, I shall savour every one!

Sean got his GCSE results, straight A*, clever lad.


4 thoughts on “Hunger sated!

  1. Congratulations to Sean! He’s done brilliantly! No doubt, in part, to his after school tutor. Xxx cakes look good. Shame you never bake when I visit. Will update initforthehoney soon….got loads to write about but need to tidy my room too.

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