A September break in Munich

I shall do this post over several entries as I sometimes seem to lose the information when I do a long one, so this is the first day only!

We left home at 6am for a 9am flight to Munich, via Amsterdam. It was the first time I had flown KLM so I was interested to compare them with other airlines. I was favourably impressed but we had to walk for miles at Amsterdam when changing planes and on the way home we very nearly missed our connection because of this, and the stringent security checks we had to go through.

We had left in sunshine so it was rather dispiriting to see the heavy rain in Amsterdam but by the time we got to Munich the clear blue skies were with us again and it was about 25 degrees. We found our hotel without too much trouble, dumped our bags and had a quick freshen up, and headed out to see the sights and for Hyw to buy a shirt as he had inexplicably only packed two!

In the evening we went to a local Bavarian pub, just around the corner. It was rather a long wait for our food but we spent the time happily sampling the local brew! I didn’t really know what I was ordering except it had chicken in it. It was sort of a general fry up of sautéed potatoes, chicken breasts, mushroom, bacon etc – it was very tasty and not really as I have described it.














4 thoughts on “A September break in Munich

  1. What’s going on?! That guy is surfing on a river… Is that natural or man made? In the pic of mum eating, it looks like she is about to spit out whatever she’s chewing. And we all know dad likes to pack light! hahahaha

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