Day 3, More beer!

Today was dry and fairly bright, just right for sight seeing, so after a light breakfast of coffee and a panini in the Odeonplatz, we set off to see the design and modern art museum. It was in the same place as the other two museums but even I draw the line at 3 museums a day! It was well worth the visit and the design history bit was really good however the painting bit was even better with some lovely paintings by Matisse, Beckmann, Kandinsky and Picasso, to name but a few. We had several stops for coffee and then caught the bus to Kongsplatz to see the neoclassical facades of the museums there, but did not go in as by now we were in danger of museum overload. We walked back into town and after a bit of window shopping, had lunch at another famous beer keller, the Augustiner. Not quite a big as yesterday, and not as noisy but it was lunchtime so that’s probably why. I had a wheat beer again and roast pork and dumpling. It was delicious. Again, the service was very prompt and good humoured.








After lunch we carried on through the shopping precincts, stopping off to visit the St Michael Kirche and the Cathedral. We then were back at Marienneplatz and the Rathaus so took a rickshaw ride to see the Assam Kirche which was quite magnificent.







After that we had a look around the food market, for which I will do a separate post. We eventually went back to our hotel but only to wash and change as it was soon time to go out to the beer keller again! This time we went one stop on the underground from Lehel, across the river, to a suburb, where there was another Hofbrau Haus, but this time catering for the local trade, rather than tourists. It was just as busy and big as the other two we had visited, but not quite so noisy. We got a table and I had a green wine (young wine) of gargantuan proportion. They obviously aren’t bothered by units over there. I had a pork snitzel, chips and salad, another wine and apple fritters and ice cream, scrumptious although not what you would call fine dining! After supper we had a brief stroll around the area before heading back to the hotel. On the way we stopped off for another expresso in the area around Lehel, where we had stopped for a drink on our first day. Two very full people staggered up to bed.








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