The Last Day

For our last day the sun shone so we were up bright and early for our final sightseeing. First of all we walked to Odeonplatz and had a coffee in Starbucks and caught up on our e-mails, the only trouble was Hyw couldn’t remember his password so he couldn’t, despite the fact that he had been suffering from withdrawl, I ask you! We went to the Residenze building and stowed our bags very handily before looking at the Egyptian collection in the Staatliches Museum Agyptischer. We had the museum to ourselves and were able to really take our time looking at the displays. We then went to the Cuvillies Theatre, which was amazing. I would love to see a production there, it was almost as overthetop as the Assam Kirche. We decided to leave the residenze itself for another visit and strolled across the gardens of the Hofgarten to have an early lunch, under the trees before heading out to the airport. We had a plate of mixed meats (antipasto) and a big glass of white wine.

The journey to the airport was uneventful but the changeover at Schipole was very tight, we only had 10 minutes before they closed the plane doors for take off, then the stewardess announced that we would be arriving in Edinburgh! It turned out to be a slip of the tongue but nevertheless I was getting used to the idea of some extra sightseeing. We had had to walk miles at Schipole airport so it was quite a relief to arrive in Bristol, nice and sunny, for the drive home.














2 thoughts on “The Last Day

  1. Lovely posts although the picture uploads are all really low quality even though I’m sure the real pictures are a lot better. When I zoom in I can’t seen any detail on your faces. Xx

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