Mahler, When is a Bargain, not a Bargain, and an Autumn Clear Out

On Sunday we saw Mahler’s 8 symphony at the Great Hall of Exeter University. It is some time since I was last up there so I was pleasantly surprised to see the improvements they have made both inside and outside the hall. The concert was very well attended, I suspect partly because it was a community choir/ orchestra production. It was a valiant effort and enthusiastically played. There were several people I knew in the orchestra as well as in the audience.

Since returning from Munich I have been very busy. I went for a very pleasant walk around Exeter with Qin, the sun was shining and so we started our promenade down by the quay, dipping in and out of shops. We then cut up to the town and had a brief look at the museum before a trip to the library and a visit to the Real McCoy to see if they had any suitable suits (can you say that?) for her son. Sadly they didn’t but it was good to have someone to go round the shops with. Next time we shall go out for lunch.

On Wednesday we went for an evening meal up at Woolacombe. It was much further than we usually go but we had bought vouchers from Travelzoo and were determined to see if they were as good a deal as they seemed. The long and short of it was that it wasn’t. The place, which I shall not name, was shabby, understaffed, I don’t know if there was a cook (I won’t call him/ her a chef) but if there was, their last job must have been serving up school meals in 1954! We compared notes with two elderly dames who had the misfortune to have booked a week there and it was clear that the meals had not improved whilst they had been staying there. We ate what we could and had left the place by 8.30! The meal was half price but even that was too much in my book.

On Thursday I went to see initforthehoney. I was going to be helping her organise her workspace. It turned out to be a mammoth task but we had fun and spent 4 hours in Ikea looking and buying storage solutions. We ate out in the evenings, being far too tired to cook, and had pizza the first night, Chinese the second night and the third night we treated ourselves to standby tickets at the theatre. We saw Felicity Kendal in an Alan Ayckbourn play at the Theatre Royal, in “Relatively Speaking”. It was a light farce, and just what we needed after another busy day that had started with a trip to the Farmers Market and had ended with carrying boxes of rubbish down 3 flights of stairs, ready for loading into the car the next day. Sadly the good weather came to an end this morning with light rain but it didn’t really matter and in fact, worked to our advantage as it was much less crowded and there was no problem parking outside to load up the rubbish. I left Vee at about 12.45 and had a good journey home, via the tip.


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