Since returning to Devon I haven’t let the grass grow under my feet and instantly set about making some curtains for the back bedroom, now that Hyw has painted the window. They were much needed as the curtains that were in there previously had been made from an Ikea curtain that I had bought for 50p in their remnant box, many years ago! These too, are Ikea, but a bit jollier.


I had two presents awaiting me on my return from Bath. A Bradley Wiggins T shirt for in bed and a Tom Kitchin cook book.

Tom Kitchin. Kitchin Suppers. Quadrille Publishing.

Having eaten at The Kitchin, I was naturally intrigued to see the cookbook which is devoted to home cooking, rather than restaurant cooking. It does not disappoint, although some of the recipes do require more than the average store cupboard, they are at least obtainable with a bit of planning, and the Smoked Salmon, Pea and Red Onion Frittata is definitely on my list. The Breads and Savoury Nibbles section is especially welcome and there are some new recipes ( to me ) for Panisse and also Dried Fruit and Walnut Bread. Lots of good ideas both for tried and tested old favourites and more innovative recipes.

Laura Edwards makes all the dishes look absolutely delicious with her photography and I particularly liked the tweed and plaid backgrounds that she uses to set off some of the dishes.

Even if you don’t intend to cook the recipes it should give plenty of inspiration and is a lovely way to spend an evening, just browsing with a Whisky in hand!



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