If the bomb was dropped there would be no one to sew or knit for the next generation!


This weekend Vee and I went, via National Express, to London, ostensibly for the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace, but also to visit Matt and see a few sights. We arrived at lunch time so we hot footed it ( by bus) over to Borough Market to soak up the atmosphere and to have some lunch. We were spoilt for choice but eventually decided upon a beef-burger for Vee, not your everyday sort of burger, and pork for me.

The vegetables were glorious, as you can see from the photos.









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After some liquid refreshment in a market pub we visited Atlantis Art, which after a bit of searching for, as it had moved, we found and spent too short a time really, choosing oil paints for Vee. By then it was getting on so we met up with Matt, Julia and Jake for a brief drink in the ICA. We saw our first celeb on our way out, Sean Lock. By this time we were pretty tired so we went back to Matts to wait for Mo who was working late. Later on we ate out at a Thai restaurant in Finsbury Park, polished off two bottles of wine and after a short bus ride home, when we saw another celeb, fell into bed exhausted.


The next morning we crossed the road from Matt’s flat and made our way up to Alexandra Palace and the Stitching Show.


It is a magnificent building and was absolutely packed with females of every shape, size, age, colour and creed. I have never seen so many women in one place, all with their purses open and all intent upon spending money.








Vee and I were especially keen on the quilt shown here which was made from Donegal tweeds.
Having spent more than we meant to, and having felt feint several times, with the press of women, we made our way back out into the sunshine and headed off to Muswell Hill to get some bits for supper. Vee was so glad to be free!




We stayed in that night, nursing our aching feet and watching Montalbano!

The next day we went to explore the local area a bit. We had a delightful brunch in an Italian cafe and then set off for a slightly longer than expected walk through the woods!


We had a delightful visit to Matt’s and lovely weather to cap it all.


Some of the fabrics I bought at the fair, ready to make a quilt!


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