Trip to Mum’s and I start my quilt!

We went to Little Common on the Friday of last week and for the first time that I remember it was misty rain. We had left Coleford in bright sunshine so it was particularly galling to have such dull weather in the sunshine capital, according to mum anyway. Saturday lunch was at The Jolly Sportsman. We had been meaning to try it for some time, and although it was a bit further than Hyw had anticipated, it gave us a chance to drive through Lewes, which hasn’t changed much, and to explore Hassocks and Hurstpierpoint after we had eaten. It was quite a large restaurant which the outside of the building didn’t prepare one for. The National Trust green painted clapboard of the exterior gave way to stylish interior which had been extended towards the rear of the restaurant, with a large conservatory. Most of the interior walls had been demolished so that the eating space had a nice flow to it without the sense of being in a large room.
The menu was a little pricey but jolly good, similar to Mill Street, but not quite as good. I had Pigs Cheeks for my starter with Black Pudding and a chicken dish for the main course. For desert I had a chocolate flan but the ganache was a little disappointing. Hyw had the venison for main course followed by a vast amount and variety of cheeses.

On Monday we went to visit some old friends who we haven’t seen for 30 years! They have a flat on the seafront at St Leonards, which they have just bought, of course Hyw got the address the wrong way round and we were ringing the door to the flats next door! It was if we had just seen them last week and we spent a very good couple of hours in their company.

Since being back in the Shire we have been to the Flicks to see a Globe production of Dr Faustus which was excellent, and Hyw took part in the quiz for the New Inn and came 2nd to the Red Lion at Shobrook. Not bad considering some pubs have 65 members in their team. Friday was curry night at the Tom Cobley so we went along for that and introduced Qun to the delights of Indian food.



I have made good progress with my quilt. Having been a little disappointed initially with the way it was working out, I am now very pleased with the way the colours have come together. I have put the batting and backing on and actually tacked it all in place. It has paid off. On Friday I went to Sew Simple at South Molton and bought some binding tape, thread for quilting and special quilting needles. Yesterday I plucked up courage to machine quilt it, and except for a couple of places, which I shall undo, I haven’t caught the back at all. I have also started hand quilting selected squares and the needles and thread are a dream as the thread doesn’t tangle at all and the small needles make it much easier. I’m not expert yet but I feel that I am getting better as I go along. I was so pleased with my quilting that I decided to go for broke and added an appliqué heart to the middle and at last, thanks to Marion for showing me, managed to get the machine to do what I wanted. Here are the results so far.




4 thoughts on “Trip to Mum’s and I start my quilt!

  1. Lovely long blog. Only just got a chance to read it. Do you type this on your iPad? If so, I’m surprised there aren’t more mistakes. What does qun look like.i hear somuch about her.

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