After a marathon sewing session last night, I finished the quilt for my bed. I think the bright autumn colours will do much to keep me cheerful in the winter days ahead. I didn't have quite enough bias binding to finish the job but luckily I remembered from my school days, some 30 years ago, how to make my own, so thats what I did. Luckily I had some cream lining fabric which was just the right colour.

It was bright and sunny this morning, in-between showers so I popped out to the garden with my camera, to photograph my quilt, hanging from the washing line.







While I was out there, Hyw called me to see the ducks, geese, guinea pigs and rabbits that he is feeding for our neighbours. The guinea pigs are particularly sweet and make a strange whistling sound. Here are some photos of the ducks and geese.





7 thoughts on “Sweetwater

  1. The warm colours of the new quilt don’t come out properly in the photographs. Perhaps you should check the settings on the camera. In reality the quilt is a cheerful mix of apple greens, lemons, soft carmines and warm dove greys. None of this shows in the pictures.

  2. That is a very beautiful quilt!
    I had a guinea pig once, when I was a kid. They are really sweet and squeaky, but not too brave or clever creatures 🙂

  3. It’s a lovely quilt. I like the heart in the middle.Looks like the garden needs a good de-leaf. The camera is fine,although perhaps a quick colour boost using iphoto or snapseed on your iPad would do the trick.

  4. Yeah, looks good. I hope one day I can have mine. The nights are getting cooler here too but it’s still pretty blistering heat at times. Today must have been a good 25 degrees but a nice fresh breeze coming off the mountains around the city.

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