A decent cup of coffee!

At long last, 2 weeks after my coffee machine lost pressure and gave up the ghost, I have bitten the bullet and bought myself a new bright red, Nespresso coffee machine. Having said that I was going back to a cafetiere, I was screaming for a real coffee within 2 days. I then spent ages, looking at the various models available before finally deciding on the one I got, which has a relatively small ‘footprint’. The coffee is only available to me, as I dont live in a city with a ’boutique’,online, but with next day delivery that is not an issue. At the moment I am in a honeymoon period, choosing which coffee I shall drink next, I dare say it will begin to fade but at the moment it is a bit of an adventure.

Hello to my various readers from around the world. I’ve just noticed on my ‘stats’ the button that says where you are all from, I can’t believe that I have readers as far away as Brazil, Chile, Taiwan, Australia, not to mention friends in Denmark, Norway and much closer to home!

Yesterday I went to the first of a series of 4 ‘felt’ workshops, organised through ‘Villages in Action’. It was held at the village hall, a dreary building, which hasn’t improved since I’ve lived here, but that is another story! It was run by Juliana, a local enthusiast, and we all set about making pennants for ‘bunting’ to decorate the hall with. I must say it will take more than bunting to make the hall seem cheerful, but it was a very good first exercise in the art of felt making. I think I might try some at home as it seems to have real potential as a medium. I did the landscape, which is truly magnificent, out of the window, I am quite pleased with the result. I forgot to take my camera but as soon as I have some pictures, I will put them up. We all took lunch to share so it was quite a jolly occasion.

22 Mill Street, Chagfod, Devon. TQ138AW
This was our second visit, and as we later found out, the chef’s 2nd week in residence. No matter, the cooking was of a quality that we had experienced on our first visit, when we had the taster menu, and the presentation was excellent. M. Herve Bource is a very informative front of house manager and does much to make you feel at ease. We had the full three courses, a bottle of wine and coffee, and was worth all of the £68 we paid for it.

For starters I had pigeon breast with black pudding and my partner had haddock, cooked in brown butter with a butter and milk sauce. At first glance it appeared rather on the small side but given that we had a basket of beautiful home made bread, and two ‘amuse bouche’ , it was about right. We both had venison to follow, very tender, but if I had a criticism, it was that some of the sinew from the outside hadn’t been trimmed away. I had the chocolate desert with yohurt ice- cream for desert, with shards of meringue – so light! My partner had the cheese board, which was very generous. A three course meal is £21 for lunch, obviously we spent more, but we needn’t have. The restaurant itself is tastefully decorated using wood blinds, wooden tables to contrast with the natural stone and wooden beams. We shall definitely be going back for more.

On the way to the restaurant we came across the weekly flea market in Chagford so we popped in for a look around. As luck would have it there was a stall of patchwork bits and pieces as well as fabrics. I didn’t have long to chat but did manage to get a few pieces of fabric which will go nicely in my latest patchwork, a quilted doorhanging to keep the winter chill out. It is taking an age at the moment to prepare all the squares but I know it will suddenly come together very quickly!



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