Door Quilt!

My quilt for the front door is finished!


So here it is, I used Moda , Petite Odile and Fa-la etc as the basis but I also used all my scraps and some fabric I bought recently at Chagford, so it really is a memory quilt. It is lined with the remainder of the batting I bought at Alexandra Palace, exactly the right amount left over. For the backing, I used an old cotton bedspread that has done the rounds as a wall hanging and general cover all, in various student digs, but never been a bed cover. I deliberately made it a bit long so that we don’t get any draughts under the door. It will probably be a mild winter now! I made a couple of errors in that I dropped my piles of squares, so they aren’t in their original order, but I really like the jumbled up nature of it.

I have tidied away all my sewing things for a bit and set up the room for painting.

While I was looking in the airing cupboard for the bedspread I came across various other ‘treasures’.


I made this for Vee when she was 5, its so hard wearing that all 4 of my children have worn it in the great tradition on ‘hand-me-downs’. Of course, it did mean at times that they wore somewhat weird clothes! The boots are sheepskin, they too were passed on, but they never kept them on for long, preferring bare pinkies.

All this activity led to the airing cupboard being tidied, I wonder how long it will stay like it!


We have had some good weather, so in between sewing I have been out with my camera.






4 thoughts on “Door Quilt!

  1. Can’t wait to see the door quilt hanging in situ. Is it very heavy? It looks great. Petite Odile is lovely. I think you actually made the Mog puffy pen t shirt for Matt along with a story about dinosaurs. I remember being envious of the Mog t shirt.

  2. Well, you’ve got me now, the t- shirt has your name in it and I’m pretty sure you had it at Felmersham, but I’m confused now.

    The door hanging is lovely, thanks for all your comments, its not very heavy as the cotton batting was fairly lightweight, having said that, its heavier than a normal curtain would be.

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