Craft and Floods!

I haven’t written much recently as I have been rather busy, also there has been much nervous excitement and dread as we watched the river rise, and rise and rise, as a result of the very heavy rain that we have had over the past few days. At one point, I think it was last Wednesday, the town of Crediton was an island ( we couldn’t get to the cinema!) with flooding at 3 points between Tesco and Exeter. In the other direction it was flooded at Bow and all the small streams were ‘up’ as well. It is only at times of extreme weather that you realise how many streams there are. The river in our village has been at full spate for several days but it actually rose by about 4feet ( over a metre ) during Saturday evening. Fortunately, although it flooded the garden of Bridge Cottage, it didn’t go in the house. George at the pub was less lucky with the water actually coming through the walls and under the floor. Jenny also had her basement flooded as it was below the water table. We kept all the drains clear, no mean feat, and thankfully the water kept moving past our house. By about 1am the rain was intermittent and the river started to fall. By the next morning this was the scene, back to more or less normal, I didn’t think to take photos when the flood was high!



I have been going to the Felting workshops at the village hall, it is a bit of fun and I’ve met some interesting people there. Here are the results of the felting so far.


After its felted




The last session I had to work with Jane, who hadn’t been before. I discovered that she too has a love of patchwork. We worked on a double sided wall hanging, one side we did patchwork and the other side we did a landscape of Jane’s farm. Next week is the last one and we can make something to take home!



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