Catch up

Loads of things have been happening in the run up to Christmas, too numerous to go into detail and much of my time has been spent painting, but here is the run down of the other things.

Felting – we had our last session and I was quite pleased with the felt I made which was from a variety of local Jacobs Sheep, with some Merino mixed in. I did a fairly basic pattern but its quite effective. I intend making a cushion cover out of it.




We had to make one more pennant each, so I did a seaside scene!

We went to an exhibition this Thursday, at Mortonhamstead. It was a relatively new gallery which has been set up in the old school building and very smart it looked too. The exhibition was of felting and was interesting. The artist has been making coffins from felt. It sounds bizarre but they were very beautiful.

Matt and Mo came to stay the other weekend, we paid a visit to Topsham and on the Monday, after a short walk, we went into town prior to them catching their train. It was a very quick visit, despite staying for a long weekend, but it was good to see them just the same.

Went to supper with the Butts last night and tonight we have just watched the last episode of ‘The Killing’. I’m sure other things have been happening, but really I’m too tired, so I think I’ll call it a day.


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