Last Day of 2012

Who would have thought that time would fly by so quickly, its over a year since I first started writing and so much has happened. Before I fall to recollecting I have to catch up on the remainder of Christmas.

Mum didn’t come down in the end as the journey was too unpredictable so Gareth drove her back down to Bexhill. We made it to see a 2D version of the Hobbit and jolly enjoyable it was too but I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to sit through 2 more films, time will tell. We had one good day over the holiday, weather-wise, and so we went to Exmouth to try to blow cobwebs off. A bracing walk along the beach did the trick with a diversion, on the way home, to Darts Farm for some chutney and interesting cheeses.






It rained throughout Friday night and I was rather concerned that we would not get to the station to get the kids back but in fact the roads were clear and there was so little traffic that we made the journey in record time. The house seemed very empty once they had gone back, but I got out my Lino cutting tools and was soon engrossed in printing my own cards for thank-you letters.

We have been receiving New Year greetings from the far east, with Laurie obviously watching fireworks in Taipei, if Facebook is to be believed. Gwil and Fi are having much the same sort of night as us, watching films. As a matter of fact, we have slight colds, so we will probably turn in early. What will be my New Year Resolutions – well, to keep painting, to lose some weight, to try to be a bit fitter and generally to get out and about more, perhaps join an art group?




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