A New Year

Well I can’t believe that it is so far advanced into the new year and I haven’t made any entries yet into my blog. The weather has been incredibly mild with some sunny spring like days so I have been moved to do some tidying up in the garden, that didn’t get done before Christmas. The weatherperson says we can expect snow any day now so I don’t know what to think, its certainly a bit chillier today. The front garden is all tidy and trim now so at least we are not letting the village down. Vee swept up the remainder of the leaves at Christmas so that is another job done. I bought a Thyme and a Rosemary today in Tesco, I just couldn’t resist the offer but I think I will hold off from planting them out for a bit, just in case the weather does turn bad.

Hyw had gone up to London for a few days so I took the opportunity to surprise him with a new computer. Needless to say my plan didn’t quite work out as the guy in the Apple shop said they wouldn’t have any new Macs in until the end of February. Now I don’t know about you, but when I go to buy something I expect it to be in the shop and able to take it away there and then! I was not a happy bunny but by chance, I was in John Lewis and they had some incredibly cheap Compaq towers, so rather than go home empty handed, I bought one as I had several spare monitors at home. It is very good and certainly a lot faster than the old computer. I had just finished setting it up and personalising all the settings when the phone rang. It was the guy from the Apple Store to tell me my luck was in, they had just taken delivery of a fresh consignment! I was spitting blood, but I consoled myself by the money I had saved and the dangers of being an early adopter! I shall get one in March as birthday treat for myself.

As part of my new year’s resolution to get fit I signed on at the Gym and go for my induction on Monday. I pulled out all my keep fit gear and intend to book into some classes also. On the food front I’m cutting down gradually and certainly don’t eat any visible fat or have any spread these days. We shall see but I don’t feel like going to any slimming clubs anymore. Part of my gym kit is a new MP3 player. I remember that they have the most inane TV shows on so I shall distract myself with audio books and music.

I have been doing some printmaking, just some small bits to get my hand back in. Hope you like them.




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