Signing Up

Well I went along for my gym induction and was taught how to use the very scary looking equipment and was then told that they will only have it for another month because the whole gym is being modernised and decorated and enlarged! The guy who was showing me around was not in favour of machines to keep fit so I rather wondered what I was doing there as he kept on saying that I would get the same effect with some sit ups and lifting some weights! Anyway, I had the tour and then went on some of the machines for about 30 minutes to get the feel of them. Tomorrow night I go back for my personal plan to be written and the following day I have a 1-1 whilst they see what equipment is going to suit me best. I also signed up for the Pilates class tomorrow so we will see how I do!

The main thing is to lose weight and to this end I have been reading this book which my son in Taiwan sent me.


It has much of the same information as the Michael Mosley programme which I watched last year and it certainly seems to be the diet that I did with all those years ago with Slimmers World, give or take a few ideas. I shall try it but reading the book seems like a load of old tosh to me, but that is his style and I guess it motivates some people. There were several good ideas, including measuring myself, so out came the old Rosemary Connelly tape measure, and I’m pleased to see that I’m not any bigger than I was, but, thats still too big and a strain on my joints.

I’ve already started with a breakfast of an egg with peas, a salad for lunch and the lentils are boiling away as I write this. Time will tell but at the moment I am determined that this time I will succeed, I’ve done it before after all.

Apologies to Scribbles for being rude about the book but Dickens it aint!


3 thoughts on “Signing Up

  1. I think you’ll find it’s a New York Times bestseller, and it’s not meant to be Dickens. It’s written based on solid scientific research, and many of the ideas were used my the Michael Mosley program that came some time after this book. The main principle is simple enough but easily lost in this age of yoga-aero-pilattes. Eat lentils, don’t eat white carbs, and consume lots of protein upon waking.

  2. The information is all very good, what I object to is his style of writing. If you are writing a book then the information must be clear to your reader. The amount of repetition is tedious but I am probably not his target audience!

  3. Shouldn’t they have told you about the Gym changing before you signed up?
    Don’t dis Aero tone ilates Gwil! I sweated streams for an hour which I wouldn’t have done otherwise and our tutor incorporates some of the learning from both the above schools of thought.

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