Monday night is Ma-Jiong night. We meet at each other’s houses and Qun instructs us in the art of the game. We have varying degrees of competence, some like me have only played it once or twice before, others have their own sets and have played regularly with their families. Still, there is nothing like learning it from a Chinese person and we all have much to learn.

I played it first one holiday, in France, with Fiona, who comes from Taiwan. There we learnt a simplified form as we weren’t gambling. With Qun we use the full set, including the ‘flowers’, which some people forget and call the ‘fairies’. I seem to get loads of flowers and don’t win, they count towards you’re winnings, and when I do win, I don’t have any flowers to boost my winnings. Such is life and doubtless there is an old proverb about it!

The weather continues snowy in Wales, the north and the south-east but we haven’t any down here in the west country I am pleased to say. We are due to visit mum for her birthday so I am hoping that the snow will have gone by then.

I went to the gym this morning, although it wasn’t snowing it was sleety rain and I was not looking forward to it. When I first arrived it was rather crowded but it soon thinned out and I was able to complete my programme, wearing my new MP3 player, and it wasn’t so bad after all. I’m going again tomorrow and might fit in a swim too!

I had my hair cut yesterday and I only paid half of what I usually do, I think that must be because I asked for a wet cut, which she blow-dried at the end. Now if I had asked for a blow-dry, which would not have ended up much different, I would have had to pay twice as much so I must remember for next time.

I have started two paintings, they are just at the early stages so you will have to wait to see them. I was going to make some hot water bottle covers but I bought new bottles + covers in Primark for only £5 each so I won’t bother. While I’m on the subject of sewing I just want to thank Vee for the tablecloth and napkins that she made us for Christmas. The napkins I use as place mats when there are just the two of us eating, and the cloth, which I have just washed and ironed, is beautifully made with all the turnings the same size, not easy, and the ‘ runner’ down the middle, is dead straight. Thanks again.




The last photograph shows the place mats or coasters that Vee also made for me from the Purl Bee website.


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