No, I haven’t been caught speeding again but I haven’t been keeping my blog up to date, and for that I apologise. Now, where was I?

We went to Little Common for a few days at the end of January to celebrate mums 82nd birthday and to view the new kitchen!


The kitchen is excellent, she really got value for money and John had done the decoration and put up a blind, that we went and bought whilst we were there, so it really looks good.


We went out for lunch to the Queens Head at Icklesham, which we hadn’t visited for over 30 years! It was a foggy, misty day, we could hardly see the front of the car, but the pub was warm and welcoming and we had a decent meal there.



We went for lunch at Berry’s house on her actual birthday and the sun shone brightly!

Here is mum, sandwiched between Marion and Berry.
Mum had lots of lovely presents for her birthday including parcels from Taiwan and Bath.

Vee said i haven’t written much about the garden. This is for several reasons: 1. Its winter 2. Its been raining! Still, at long last I did manage a morning and cleared the back hedge and bank of brambles and ferns so that you can see the snowdrops, and daffodils when they come. We also had the tree surgeons come and remove some trees and prune the Catalpa which is in danger of touching the overhead cables. As a result, we have lots of wood for next winter!

I have been busy doing lots of painting, I’m getting quite good now, even if I do say so myself. What else? I twisted my ankle rather badly the other day, had to rest it for two days and my toes are rather bruised but otherwise ok. I can’t go to the gym though but as they are redecorating it, it doesn’t matter. Lol and Gwil have been celebrating New Year in Taiwan, the weather looks lovely there! It is the year of the Snake so I made Qun a cake with a snake on top, not very good as I couldn’t stand properly!

The only major thing to happen this month is I have bought a new car. I traded in my beloved Citroen Picasso for a c4 so hopefully my other half will find it easier to drive as it is an automatic.

I pick it up next Wednesday!

Here are a few more pics for those of you in foreign places.