Last Day of March – 2nd attempt!

I had written a beautifully poetic piece about the weather but somehow that has disappeared into the ether so suffice to say that it is bloody cold but sunny and last year’s summery weather at this time of the year is just a distant memory.

I have been continuing to tidy around the garden when the wind is not too cold. I am gradually winning so that by the time the alliums are ready to flower it should be looking perfect. The rabbits of last year, which were such pests, are still in evidence but I am moving the plants they seem to like and gradually replacing them with plants they don’t eat, according to the books anyway! I have transplanted all of my lavenders and my Heuchera but the prognosis doesn’t look good for the latter.

I have planted the first two lots of seeds that Vee bought for me in a propagator.They are on the window sill in the sitting room at the moment as that is the warmest room in the house. We have actually had to buy in more logs the wind is so bitter. I shall not plant the seeds out in the garden but have them in pots, that way I hope to beat the rabbits and have some attractive plants for outside the back door.

I’m writing this post with my keyboard that Gwil bought for me. Its much quicker but I keep forgetting where I’m meant to be looking!

I’m going to publish this now as the battery is going on my ipad and I don”t want to lose this again.



Going Live

Well I think my new blog has gone live. Its at print and paint
Hooray, it seems to be working. It will be refined as I go along, consider it a ‘work in progress’. Going to look at the daffodils that a blooming in the garden, then to watch the final of the 6Nations.

It feels like a betrayal!

I have been working on the computer this afternoon, getting my new blog site ready to go live. It seems like a betrayal of this blog but really its a rationalisation so that I can go back to writing on this site, about gardening, cooking, with a bit of sewing, thrown in for good measure. It’s not ready yet but it won’t be long.

Meanwhile I have been to the gym twice this week already and both days I beat my previous record so that I am 5 minutes quicker at rowing and on the cross trainer. I have been getting some free extra coaching from two guys who do weights (they aren’t like some of the muscle bound freaks with a beer belly) so hopefully we will soon see some improvement.

I have a new stylus for my ipad with a fibre end rather than a rubber tip so I have been trying it out!


A New Blog

I have been doing a lot of painting and drawing recently and I felt it was about time that I started to organise my work and have a blog devoted to it. It is a long time since I set this blog up so it took me some time and I’m still not that happy with the style, but at least I’ve started.

Now, where was I with this blog. I’ve put off writing it for so long I can hardly think where to start. I went up to Bath for an overnight stay with Verity to celebrate her birthday. It was quite a busy day as first of all I had to go and collect my new car, drive home and load the car with ‘Goodies,’ then drive to Bath. I was a bit worried the car would break down or something but I needn’t have worried, it went like a dream and I am very pleased with it. Vee and Bev met me in the Charlotte Street car park as I had so much to carry! We had an excellent time which involved eating cakes from a French Patisserie, going for cocktails and an Indian meal and lots of shopping! It was only a flying visit but good fun nevertheless.

Vee and Rich returned the visit to me in Devon for my birthday, one week later. It was a total surprise to see them and we went for a lovely meal at the Beer Engine. I had lots of lovely presents including a Nigel Slater cook book from Matt, a keyboard from Gwil, and ‘James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution’ from Vee. What a lucky girl!

I’m still going to the gym, we’ve been to several concerts, we saw Marcus Brigstock on the evening of my birthday, and we have made several trips to the cinema. I’m too tired now to include pictures etc, so I’lll do that tomorrow.