A New Blog

I have been doing a lot of painting and drawing recently and I felt it was about time that I started to organise my work and have a blog devoted to it. It is a long time since I set this blog up so it took me some time and I’m still not that happy with the style, but at least I’ve started.

Now, where was I with this blog. I’ve put off writing it for so long I can hardly think where to start. I went up to Bath for an overnight stay with Verity to celebrate her birthday. It was quite a busy day as first of all I had to go and collect my new car, drive home and load the car with ‘Goodies,’ then drive to Bath. I was a bit worried the car would break down or something but I needn’t have worried, it went like a dream and I am very pleased with it. Vee and Bev met me in the Charlotte Street car park as I had so much to carry! We had an excellent time which involved eating cakes from a French Patisserie, going for cocktails and an Indian meal and lots of shopping! It was only a flying visit but good fun nevertheless.

Vee and Rich returned the visit to me in Devon for my birthday, one week later. It was a total surprise to see them and we went for a lovely meal at the Beer Engine. I had lots of lovely presents including a Nigel Slater cook book from Matt, a keyboard from Gwil, and ‘James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution’ from Vee. What a lucky girl!

I’m still going to the gym, we’ve been to several concerts, we saw Marcus Brigstock on the evening of my birthday, and we have made several trips to the cinema. I’m too tired now to include pictures etc, so I’lll do that tomorrow.








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