Operation Overlord

Day two saw a change in the weather, not cold thank heavens, but rather grey, and at times damp! We set off for Port en Bessin and spent rather more time there than the last time, when it was bitterly cold. We found a rather good, if expensive, shop specialising in products of the region, and although we didn’t mean to, spent quite a few Euros in there.

Next stop was Bayeux for lunch. We found a very good place virtually on the door step of the Cathedral and had Camembert Tarts for a starter, with salad and ham and for main course I had pork and Hyw had black pudding and crushed potato. It came on to rain as we returned to the car so we decided to go to Caen. Bit of a mistake really as it took some time to actually penetrate the town. Parking was easy enough, and we went to the Cathedral, where we saw the tomb of William the Conqueror, but it was not in the direction of the shops and by the time we had done the Cathedral it was raining quite hard. We retraced our steps, stopping for tea and cakes, and headed out of town. Unfortunately it was by now very busy on the roads as it was going home time.

Hyw got rather stressed out about going to Arromanches but we made it OK and were very pleasantly surprised by our hotel. It was by now quite dryish by now, so we went for a walk around the town and saw the actual Mulberry Harbours after which our hotel is named.

We had an absolutely splendid supper of oysters and crevettes for me, followed by violet ice cream, strawberries and cream and a chocolate fondant desert, scrumptious! After several coffees and Calvados we retired to our room which was at the top of the building. I am sitting in the most enormous bed writing this now.

I haven’t got my photo loader with me, so I am afraid you are going to have to wait for the photos!














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