Making up for lost time!

Having spent 24 hours, totally out of it, I was anxious, upon my return from the grave, to get back to my dress making which our interlude in France had interrupted. I made one dress as a trial, as I haven’t made any clothes for so long. The dress pattern required quite a bit of fitting, and I had to lengthen it considerably, but all in all I am quite pleased with the result.





I am now making two dresses, with cap sleeves with material I got in the Heathcotes Factory shop in Tiverton. It is amazing how the sewing lessons I had at school are all coming back to me now, I even find myself tacking! The Great British Sewing Bee has certainly got me hooked although I don’t think I will be making mens trousers in a hurry.

We went to the cinema this evening and saw A Late Quartet, ( I think that’s right?), much to be recommended.


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