The Lost day

Well I have just spent 24 hours tucked up in bed,which is most strange for me, as I’m rarely ill. It must have been a bad beer that I had when I got home because I’ve just had the other half and feel queasy again! But that’s another story, so where was I?

Ah yes, looking forward to supper –


I enjoyed the oysters so much that I had them again, only I had more this time, followed by duck, stuffed with prunes on a bed of artichoke, a good cheese board and a somewhat disappointing rhum baba. Its a nice restaurant though, the service was good and the wine not bad.


After supper we took another turn about town, but it was by now very windy, which didn’t bode well for our sea crossing.

After a delightful nights sleep, and a lovely breakfast, we set off for a final day of exploration. It was bright and sunny but still blowing a fair old gale. We visited Carteret briefly but the decided to go straight to Cherbourg for lunch. We found a cafe at the front of the theatre so spent a couple of hours eating and people gazing there before we headed round to the port, via Valognes again, just for the hell of it!

The crossing was in fact very smooth, much better than coming over, despite the gale force winds. After 4 hours of tedium we got back to Poole at about ten and were home by 12.30, somewhat slow as I don’t seem to have good night vision these days! A sign of age.





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