Back in the garden

We had an uneventful and fairly swift journey back to Exeter and got the washing on straight away! Yesterday was mostly shopping and getting acclimatised to being back home but today I was straight off to the gym. I’m happy to say that I actually lost some weight whilst in Oslo, partly because I have had a very bad case of mouth ulcers so I could only really eat yoghurt (apart from when we were eating out!). But I digress, the gym wasn’t at all crowded, I guess because its half term, and I did half an hour on the cross trainer and the rest of the time in the weights room. I felt very good having done some exercise and the day had only just begun!

I went to the local garden centre next and bought some netting for a fruit cage. We only have 3 gooseberry bushes, last year was their first, so I wanted to make sure that we got the fruit rather than the Blackbirds. The cage is in fact just a series of posts in the ground but it does the trick and isn’t half as expensive as a shop bought cage. Now I have just got to wait for the fruit to ripen.

I also bought some plants at the garden centre, although I said I wouldn’t this year, but it is nice to have a hanging basket by the front door so I bought some Calibrachoa, Thunbergia, and some Victorian Yellow Surfinia Petunias. After that the sun was getting rather hot so I just clipped some edges and started tidying up the bed under the Walnut tree.

We went to see a Norwegian/Danish film at the Picture House in the late afternoon. It was a shame that we had to go in the sunshine but it was the last showing of ‘Hijacked’. It was the actors that we have come to know through our Saturday night viewing of Scandinavian crime drama, it was jolly powerful stuff.

Today has been a day of fast, the first one is always hard after a break but actually it wasn’t so bad and tomorrow I can eat!



Too Much!

There’s far too much for me to keep up with as mostly I’m exhausted after a days sightseeing so I think I’ll borrow a leaf out of Vee’s book and make a list. I don’t think it will be restricted to 7 good things though!

1. Geological museum, natural history museum and the botanical garden.
2. Rides on every form of public transport continue with metro and trams added to list
3. People watching from various bars around the city and great meals at a Thai place, Skannsens and the Theatre Cafe.
4. Day trip to Sculpture park and an evening trip to above Oslo for the views
5. Cinema museum and walk along the harbour, also a walk around the old fortress.

I seem to have done it in 5 but I know I’ve missed some museums etc off, Oh well, let the pics speak for themselves.




















Oslo continued

Our first day started bright and sunny and got progressively warmer as the day went on. We did quite a bit of sight seeing, once we had bought our Oslo card, which gives entry to museums and free public transport. We took the boat trip round the bay, ending up at the Kon-tiki museum. We had a look round that then took the bus up to the Viking ships museum, which was excellent. We then went to the open air folk museum, which has examples of houses from all round Norway. We had lunch there, I had very good smoked salmon, and then explored the site. The star of the show had to be the Stave Church. We then went back down to the Ferry stop and visited the Fram museum which had the boat that the explorer Nansunn had travelled on. All in all, a very full day!












We left home about 7 am and were in Oslo later that day having had a relatively event free journey. Looking from the aircraft window we could see that it had been raining quite heavily, we were later to discover that they had suffered quite extensive flooding with houses washed away. None of that thankfully in Oslo.

We had a swift journey from the airport, on a clean, modern train. We had to check in at a different place from where we were staying so we got a taxi, which we knew would be expensive but at least it was trouble free. Armed with the keys we then caught a tram back to the centre, and after some skilled map reading on Hyws part, we found the apartment. Getting in proved to be something of a mystery until we put the key fob on the right bit of the door, actually a resident showed us!





Last Couple of Days

I’m now back home in Blighty and last week seems like a dream, not least because its very cold here! Vee is still out there and how I wish I could join her. The last couple of days were spent supposedly relaxing but we still managed a fair few miles walking around. I went back to a fabric shop in the old town and indulged myself in some Provencal fabric. I bought 2 metres of one and two half meters to make edgings for various bits and bobs.

We enjoyed ourselves on ‘The mountain’, as we have named it, and I managed to retake most of the photos I deleted, what I didn’t take, Vee has promised to take for me. I did some drawing and we generally spent the day up there. We took packed lunches and had a beer at the restaurant so we were well catered for. On the way home we bought some bits for Rich so he too would have a ‘welcome’ basket.

We ate out again at La Lunel, cheap but cheerful and on our last night had a meal at the Vieux Foure which was very good. Prior to that we had drinks in the Port to get the last rays of sunshine. We were quite surprised to arrive back at the restaurante to find it already overflowing with cliental.

We had to be up early again for the flight home, but nothing like on the way to Nice. We caught the bus at 7.30 am, from the port, after a tearful farewell with Vee. All went very smoothly at the airport, we saw Rich arrive but he didn’t see us. Vee was meeting him and apparently they saw us take off from the bus. Can’t wait to go back!

Now I have to get ready for Oslo! It will be quite a bit colder so after dropping mum off for her coach, in the pouring rain, I bought two jumpers in Dingles sale so I am now prepared!












Getting used to the temperatures!

First of all, let me say that I’m really cross with myself for deleting my photos from my camera, luckily Verity had some of them as she had downloaded a selection yesterday so all is not completely lost.

We have spent the last few days enjoying the sun, drawing and generally mooching around. We had breakfast out this morning and then went to the market and to a bar to do some people watching. Back chez nous for a prawn lunch, bought in the market, then back out to read our books.



Yesterday was much the same only in the morning we went to the park at the top of the ‘mountain’ to do some drawing then in the afternoon we went to the other side of the port and watched some children jumping off an old diving board, very scary, before reading our books. We stopped for a beer on the way back and fantasised about winning the lottery.






It was bright and sunny so we set off soon after breakfast to catch the bus to Vence. All was going well until we got to the bus stop which turned out to be purely a ‘drop off’ point. We then asked numerous people for the bus stop, and consulted numerous plans, to no avail. Eventually we found a bus driver who told us to go to the Hotel Meridian, which if you know Nice, is near the sea front. Life was so much easier when there was a bus station, even if it did look like Hitler’s bunker.

The bus drive was very pleasant and not at all crowded as most people were going to St Paul, so our bus was mainly locals. We had a good stroll around the old town but sadly didn’t go to the Matisse church as it was too far to walk in the time we had.

Supper chez nous ce soir, lovely.