Never Trust the Weatherman!

Brilliant sunshine all day! After breakfast of almond croissant and coffee we decided to walk over to the new town and visit Sephora. On the way we called in at the art shop and lovingly fingered all the brushes and even thought about buying an artists smock, thought being the operative word as you would have thought they were designer chic! Vee bought some copper tacks. Then to Sephora where we all tried makeup and perfumes. We emerged looking like Tarts or native Nicois, depending on your taste. Over the road then to Pylones, where I bought a pressie, can’t say more in case this is being read.





We had by then had enough of retail therapy so we went across to the old town and had a beer and soaked up the sun for a bit. Don’t worry, we all had plenty of factor 50 on. Then off to Monoprix to buy lunch and so to the flat.
After lunch and writing some post cards, we set off to do some drawing, views across the bay towards the east, but soon felt the need for an ice cream! We went home via the back streets, cutting around the base of the hill. Much quicker and no crowds.




In the evening we decided to splash out a bit and ate at Paloma, in the Port, as it was a lovely evening. I had a plate of oysters, whelks and prawns, Vee had baked cod and mum had duck in a lovely honey sauce.







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