Villa Ephrussi

We took the 81 bus from the port to Passable to visit the Villa Ephrussi. Vee had downloaded the guided tour so we didn’t need to bother with the audio guides. It was well worth the entry fee, both the house and gardens. It was also very relaxed and you could go in and out of the house as many times as you wanted to. The gardens were laid out in a number of themes including a Japanese garden, rose garden, and a Provencal garden. We spent quite some time there and had our paked lunch in the grounds. Afterwards we made our way to the port and town of Cap Ferrat but were not very impressed, ( a bit like Bexhill) but the weather remained good and warm, if not always direct sunlight.






We took the bus back into Nice and had a very pleasant meal back at the flat. We went out afterwards for a walk around town to finish the evening off and catch the last of the sun.






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