Getting used to the temperatures!

First of all, let me say that I’m really cross with myself for deleting my photos from my camera, luckily Verity had some of them as she had downloaded a selection yesterday so all is not completely lost.

We have spent the last few days enjoying the sun, drawing and generally mooching around. We had breakfast out this morning and then went to the market and to a bar to do some people watching. Back chez nous for a prawn lunch, bought in the market, then back out to read our books.



Yesterday was much the same only in the morning we went to the park at the top of the ‘mountain’ to do some drawing then in the afternoon we went to the other side of the port and watched some children jumping off an old diving board, very scary, before reading our books. We stopped for a beer on the way back and fantasised about winning the lottery.






One thought on “Getting used to the temperatures!

  1. Pity about the deleted photographs. I’m glad you’re enjoying being in Nice. No news this end except rather dull, overcast, wet weather across Coleford and much of the south west.

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