Back in the garden

We had an uneventful and fairly swift journey back to Exeter and got the washing on straight away! Yesterday was mostly shopping and getting acclimatised to being back home but today I was straight off to the gym. I’m happy to say that I actually lost some weight whilst in Oslo, partly because I have had a very bad case of mouth ulcers so I could only really eat yoghurt (apart from when we were eating out!). But I digress, the gym wasn’t at all crowded, I guess because its half term, and I did half an hour on the cross trainer and the rest of the time in the weights room. I felt very good having done some exercise and the day had only just begun!

I went to the local garden centre next and bought some netting for a fruit cage. We only have 3 gooseberry bushes, last year was their first, so I wanted to make sure that we got the fruit rather than the Blackbirds. The cage is in fact just a series of posts in the ground but it does the trick and isn’t half as expensive as a shop bought cage. Now I have just got to wait for the fruit to ripen.

I also bought some plants at the garden centre, although I said I wouldn’t this year, but it is nice to have a hanging basket by the front door so I bought some Calibrachoa, Thunbergia, and some Victorian Yellow Surfinia Petunias. After that the sun was getting rather hot so I just clipped some edges and started tidying up the bed under the Walnut tree.

We went to see a Norwegian/Danish film at the Picture House in the late afternoon. It was a shame that we had to go in the sunshine but it was the last showing of ‘Hijacked’. It was the actors that we have come to know through our Saturday night viewing of Scandinavian crime drama, it was jolly powerful stuff.

Today has been a day of fast, the first one is always hard after a break but actually it wasn’t so bad and tomorrow I can eat!



One thought on “Back in the garden

  1. well done for getting to the gym. Keep it up. 30 mins of cardio and then again on weights sounds like a good mix. you don’t really want to spend over an hour in the gym because your body stops being so effective at fat burning. Short and intense is always the way. If you’re worried about pulling something, do a 5 min cardio warm up, do the weights machines first, then finish off with cardio. If you’re not really sure what weights to do then ask me. An upper body / lower body split is good, so one day you only do upper body things, and then the next day lower body, then repeat. Or you can do pushing moves one day and pulling moves the next although this is not so easy to remember. Body buildings usually focus on one or two body parts per day but this isn’t necessary. Do they have kettle bells (a canon ball with a handle)

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