Sunny Days

Several days of warm sunshine and I’m convinced that the summer is here to stay. I have been going to the gym earlier in the morning so as to not waste the lovely days, on the days that I don’t go I have resumed my walking as it is such a pleasure at this time of the year.

The garden is looking splendid just now but we almost had no lawn mower just when we needed it. Luckily for us our excellent neighbour, Neil, is a dab hand at all things mechanical and before you know it the lawn mower had a new carburettor and spark plug and is going better than ever.

I don’t like using weed killer but I did today as there are some really stubborn weeds, especially Goose Grass, we shall see if it has any effect on it. It was the church fete on Saturday and as well as raiding the cake and book stall, I got some plants, in particular a Euphorbia, some bedding Begonias, and a sweet pepper plant. All good value and for a good cause.

Today I potted up some Sweet Peas as I intend growing them in planters this year, instead of in the open soil. The Runner Beans and French Beans are coming along well, if rather slowly but my first lot of lettuce are really doing well. I also planted some Courgette and Squash plants this weekend and some Swiss Chard seeds, nothing showing yet but I am optimistic.

I planted out some rose cutting that I had taken last year, they had to be rescued part way through the year as the rabbits had stated to devour them, but I judged that now was the time to put them in the garden, the only trouble was I haven’t a clue what colours they are, as I lost the name tags, so they might move again come the autumn.

Here are some photos of the garden.












4 thoughts on “Sunny Days

  1. My gym routine is evolving slowly, I usually manage 3 sessions a week for an hour each. Mondays i do 15-30 on the cross trainer, usually about 3 k and I dont have it set too high, then i do 2x 3×15 reps on my legs and buttocks, then I do stomach/chest about 60-75kilo 2 x3 x15, then i might do about 2k on the rowing machine at max pull.

    Wed I do 1k on the treadmill at incline 5/6 about 5 on the speed. Then i do all the weight thing already mentioned plus two other arm machines.

    Thursday i pretty much repeat Monday.
    Walking for an hour, about 3.5 miles inbetween when I can be bothered.

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