House hunting!

Location, location, location, we have been on yet another foray to discover a new place to live but have come back home none the wiser except for where we don’t want to live. We are looking to move to a small market town, with a range of shops and a mainline to London. So far we haven’t found one that we both like, with property we can afford. But we shall keep searching, we will not be deterred.

Now the real reason I am blogging today is that Verity’s shop went live on Folksy today so here is a ‘plug’ for it. You really must take a look as she has some super prints of birds, ignore the fact that I’m her mum, you’re only a click away from some really innovative art work.

We may not have seen any towns that we particularly liked ( we haven’t got round to houses yet ) but I did manage to buy some more fabrics for the quilt I am making. I won’t say anything more about the quilt ( it is a present ) but here are the latest fabrics which should go well with my Japanese fabrics the quilt is largely made of.


We called in on Vee on our way home yesterday and had a jolly lunch at the Wild Cafe. I had a lovely crab salad and Vee had grilled goats cheese with honey and walnuts, a reminder of France. The night before we had eaten at The Snooty Fox and had three courses of well prepared, quality pub grub. I had scallops with black pudding and apple sauce, followed by a delicious belly of pork and salad finished off with coconut ice cream and chocolate brownie. The only thing that let the meal down slightly were the chips as they were rather dry. We stayed at the Three Daggers, at Eddington, I would love to have eaten there but we had already booked the other place. The accommodation was superb, lovely bedlinen, a private lounge and kitchen where you could make your own breakfast if you liked!



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