Hot, hot, hot!

And so the heatwave continues, 15 days without rain and one could almost get used to it. Forget that only a month ago we were suffering from the coldest, wettest spring on record, forget the fact that the newspapers were telling us that we were half way through a 20 year cycle and we could expect colder, wetter summers as a result, no matter, enjoy it whilst it lasts.

So much has happened since last I wrote, where to begin? Vee, Mat and Mo came to visit at the start of the heatwave. We had a very pleasant few days with them which included trips to Woolacombe, fish and chips in Braunton, and swimming at Westward Ho!. Matt and Mo had to return to London but Vee and I discovered Chagford Lido and spent a glorious afternoon there. Hyw and I have since made a return visit, it really is most excellent and one of the hi lights of living here, I only wish we had discovered before!







We went for lunch at The Beer Engine before Matt and Mo returned to London, as good as usual and so relaxed. We ate outside as it was so lovely.



The good weather has continued and it has been too hot to garden, instead I have sat under a tree and admired all my hard work. The vegetables are doing well and I have bought a number of rose bushes which I have planted once the sun had gone down, still they have a hard job surviving in this heat. Sitting in the garden I also have a chance to take in the wildlife, when Vee was here we found a family of hedgehogs, its good to know they are still around. Here are some photos of our other wildlife including this Spotted Fly Catcher.





I have bought this wicked bright green swimming costume as next week I am off to Cornwall to stay with my sister for a week. Knowing my luck the weather will have broken by then!

As I am now the sheriff of the Neighbourhood Watch (if you can’t beat them, join them!) I thought I ought to have a newsletter in an attempt to make it more inclusive. My first newsletter, courtesy of Mail Chimp went out yesterday and so far it seems to have been well received.

It was my turn to host the Felters today, this is a group of about ten women who originally met together to do a Felting course at the village hall. Since then we have met at each others houses once a month to try out whatever craft or interest the hostess has. Today I had six of the group round to try their hand at monoprinting, lino cutting and acrylic painting. It was great fun.




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