The 5:2 Diet

I have been doing the 5:2 diet since December last and find that it has just become part of my normal eating pattern. I started the diet after watching a Dr Michael Mosley tv programme and thought I would give it a try. My initial aim was to lose weight and I have to say that in that respect the diet is a failure for me, having said that, my husband has lost a stone in weight, I guess I am just a slow responder! My secondary aim, which has become my main aim now that I’m not losing any weight, is to live longer and become more healthy. I can’t say if I’m going to live longer but I certainly feel fitter and have taken up going to the gym.

It was much easier for me when I was doing it on my own, I could feel virtuous and generally pleased with myself, I set myself little goals. Since my husband joined me it doesn’t feel so good because I’m not doing something that feels special anymore but that’s my problem and I should just get over it!

We fast two days a week, usually Monday and Thursday but we aren’t slavish about it, we swap days if we need to and don’t fast on holidays. We drink water, black coffee or tea and have all of our calories in an evening meal of roughly 5-600 calories. Quite often I don’t have breakfast the next day either as by then I’m not hungry. Hyw is always hungry and throughout the fast he will be asking if he can have some fruit or what’s for supper!

I go to the gym on Monday mornings ( and Tuesday and Wednesday ) but I can’t say as I notice the lack of food, after all, its only breakfast I’ve missed. For our evening meal I usually cook a piece of fish in paper, in the oven, and serve it with some flageolet beans, tomatoes and salad. Hyw will often have a no fat yoghurt as well.

The rest of the week we eat normally. I’ve cut down our portion sizes, don’t eat bread or potatoes much ( Hyw does) but we still drink wine and Hyw has beer and spirits which I don’t like much. We certainly don’t binge or make up for lost time with our eating but I think we could certainly cut down more, but …



4 thoughts on “The 5:2 Diet

  1. I was fasting on Wed. and Sundays, but stopped at the end of the school year when I got very busy. I did feel better when I did it, though. You may have inspired me to give it another try!

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